Legacy Martial Arts Reviews

Both of my girls just started with Legacy and they both love it! All of the instructors are so great and I love the one-on-one instruction that they get during class! I have noticed a change in their attitudes and behavior and I am so happy to see them progress! I really like that Legacy has flexible class schedules and they were very welcoming and made my daughter's feel comfortable from the start!

Barbara White Bull

We’ve been involved for a few months. The camaraderie and feeling of “family” that’s combined with learning Karate combinations, Taekwondo form, self-discipline, and respect for all around you is incredible! The instructors are amazing, their black belt students who assist are so poised, and those who run the front desk are so knowledgeable and kind. I can’t recommend this team and program enough!

Jamie Hollins Pallas

best place for karate and everyone works there are awesome highly recommended

Zeina Zeidan

Legacy Martial Arts has been a fantastic experience for my family. We found Legacythrough my son's birthday party, and instantly connected with the instructors and the learning style. My children and I all participate, and the wonderful instructors ensure that every participant is appropriately coached and challenged, and every person's abilities are valued. Even though I can't keep up with my kids, I always feel comfortable in class! In addition, they teach a very balanced curriculum that focuses on leadership, self-discipline, citizenship AND martial arts. They believe in building mental, physical, and emotional skills, which is an incredible balance.

Dyani Blair Galligan

Legacy is one of the best things in my sons life! The staff here are so experienced and encouraging that my boy is consistently growing as an individual. Thank you Legacy for everything you do for Loki-and our family! Love you guys

Leah Elizabeth Kirkland

We love Legacy! We have tried two other places in the HR area and we were very unimpressed. I was hesitant to try another place but we had experience with them at the Goddard School so we gave them a shoot and we LOVE all parts of this school! The people are great... My boys are 3 and 5 and just love it and their teacher! They have learned so much! Highly recommend!

Lyndsey Farncombe

The instructors are amazing! I really like how they take the kids and get down on their level. And they really support us as parents. So, if my child got into trouble at home and a lesson needs to be reinforced and you tell them they'll do it. But they are also very encouraging of the kids.

Alyssa Cicero

Can't recommend this school enough. Mr Stong, and Mr Collier do a wonderul job, as do all the other teachers. Its amazing to see the difference in my youngest since he returned to TKD in the fall. Thanks for the great work, and keep it up.

Alex Simpson

Legacy Martial Arts feels like an extension of our family. I have seen huge positive impact so far in both my kids and I recommend this place to EVERYONE! Love it!

Tiffany Vermilyea

A true growth experience that involved a lot of hard work, dedication from both students and instructors. Everyone at Legacy Martial Arts always puts the students first! My son has grown physically and mentally at Legacy Martial Arts 🥋 Denver! Would recommend this experience to everyone!

Melissa Iannucci Lisec

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