How Taekwondo Impacted My Life

How Taekwondo Impacted My Life

We all know that Taekwondo can be very beneficial but sometimes we need to hear firsthand how it can impact our lives to truly appreciate it. The following is a roundup of testimonials from around the web about how Taekwondo has impacted people’s lives.

An Autistic Woman’s Point of View “Like many other autistic people, I have difficulty with executive functioning—the mental skills that help with making decisions, focusing attention, and organizing information. But with tae kwon do training, I noticed that my attention to my surroundings seemed to improve dramatically.

As an autistic woman, I can sometimes become so absorbed in what I’m doing that someone can call my name multiple times without getting a response. But through tae kwon do, I learned how to better divide my attention so that I could respond faster to what I heard and saw when sparring. I found that this skill transferred to outside the dojang (training hall) too: I had always been good at focusing on my studies, for example, but having tae kwon do as an outlet to exercise my mind and body kept me from hyper-focusing or intensely concentrating so much on my research that I ignored other responsibilities and made me more productive with the time I did spend on it.” –Jen Malia

Perseverance After a Car Accident Injury

“One of the largest challenges I faced was a new found fear of letting anyone near my healed fractured ribs. During partner exercises I felt myself flinching and ducking anytime someone punched or kicked remotely near my left side. I refused to give up though. Every class I pushed myself to persevere through it. I forced myself to keep going, no matter what.

All my hard work paid off. After worrying that I’d never be able to go back to Martial Arts, two years later I earned my black belt. It was one of the proudest moment of my life, simply because I knew I gave it my all and persevered through my fears and hardship.

Perseverance is a mindset that is not easy to have. There were many moments when I doubted myself or felt like giving up. If you are ever faced with a difficult moment and get knocked down, you just have to pick yourself up and push through it. It’s moments like those that teach you how strong you can be. And it’s in those moments that will make you most proud of yourself. –Kristin Fundalinkski

A Father Succeeds

“I started Taekwondo at the ripe old age of 37. Beginning at that age had its mix of both positive and negative aspects. I was an adult, father and had an established career. On the other side, I was not sure of my physical abilities and whether my body would be up to the challenge. I learned over the next four years under the tutelage of my instructors to develop my abilities, strengths and to strive to overcome any challenges… whether physical or mental. When I began, I did not even entertain the thought of someday becoming a black belt, but after 4 years of hard work and dedication, the day finally arrived. That day certainly became one of the highlights of my life.”

–Michael Ivester

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