Positive Affirmations for Taekwondo

Positive Affirmations for Taekwondo

Top taekwondo experts understand that strong physical abilities alone are insufficient for success. Becoming a great taekwondo master also requires a focused mental state. These taekwondo affirmations will help you focus your mind, strengthen your body, and become a great taekwondo fighter (Free Affirmations).

When you are able to picture yourself winning fights, quickening your reflexes, and anticipating opponents’ moves, then you will find yourself following through on your intentions. A strong mental focus is absolutely imperative to reaching your potential, and these affirmations will help get you there!

Start by reading these expertly designed affirmations and choosing your favorite ones, these will be your ‘go to’ affirmations. Then find some time each day to recite these to yourself, you will be amazed at the state of mind it helps you to reach, and your taekwondo training and skills will improve in a way that you can’t even fathom right now.

May you unleash your potential for taekwondo greatness!

Present Tense Affirmations

I am a great taekwondo fighter

I have fast reflexes

I react with speed and precision

I am a skilled fighter

My mind and body are in harmony

My mind is focused and clear

I enjoy training

I easily handle any opponent

I am a taekwondo champion

I am focused on my taekwondo training

Future Tense Affirmations

I will develop my taekwondo skills

I will train vigorously

I will become a great fighter

I will be assertive and confident

I will stay focused

I am developing my confidence

I will quicken my reflexes

I will win competitions

I will anticipate opponents’ moves

I will act quickly

Natural Affirmations

I naturally excel at taekwondo

Others see me as a taekwondo expert

Focusing comes naturally to me

My confidence is high

My reflexes are lightning fast

Taekwondo is my life

Consistent training is my key to taekwondo success

My taekwondo skills are improving daily

Others expect me to win fights

My kicks and punches are strong and accurate

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